Hole in the Wall

Here’s a great little side project we did during the kitchen remodel. The return air vent for our house’s HVAC system is in our living room – right next to the kitchen. During the remodel, my husband took the cover off and taped a disposable filter over it to keep dust from the project from getting sucked into the HVAC unit and spreading it all over the house. Instead of putting back the old cover at the end of the project, we bought a new one. It looked like this:

photo 2 (7)

It was just as ugly as the old one, just not painted over quite so many times. We couldn’t bring ourselves to use it. We decided we wanted something better, so we made our own instead, inspired by the radiator covers in a house I lived in as a kid.

First we painted the metal sheeting on the inside of the hole a matte black so it would disappear behind the new frame:


Then we built a simple wooden frame and used perforated sheet metal for the center. It was attached to the wall with two screws so that it would be easy to remove for HVAC repairs if needed (hopefully we won’t need to!).

photo-1 (10)

And then we painted the wooden part of the frame with the same paint as the wall (Benjamin Moore Misty Gray):

photo 1-1 (4)

A close up of the “Union Jack” metal pattern we picked:


Love how the finished product turned out!



All building materials from Home Depot.



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