Let’s Go Visiting: Inspired by Wire

My favorite Partner in Finds has a great looking house. The last time I was there, I noticed that she has a lot of furniture and accessories made out of wire. They all have an amazing eye-catching sculptural look, without taking up too much visual space in her not-so-big rooms. She was gracious enough to let me share:

086 085

This chair is a stunning spin on a classic style. It’s perfect in front of this floor to ceiling window because you can see right through it. Although it doesn’t look it, it’s comfortable too!


This green sphere adds interest without adding weight to the arrangement on PIF’s front hall table.


A wire globe peeks out from behind a Fan Palm.


This side chair provides seating next to PIF’s bamboo desk in her home office while the red side table below adds a pop of color to the room. I forgot to sit in the chair to see if it was comfortable, but sometimes being lovely to look at is more important than comfort. (I own a few pairs of shoes that fit that description!)


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The lightness of this wire basket looks fabulous with the color and texture of these Osage Oranges (which are not actually oranges, despite the name!).


PIF uses this large vintage wire basket with handles to carry glasses and dishes to her outdoor dining table in summer. In winter, it houses magazines.

Thanks for letting us visit, PIF!

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