Let’s Go Visiting: Quirky Artsy Cool

The best thing about having an interior design blog is that everyone wants to talk to you about their house. Even better than that is when they invite you over to show you their fun stuff. This week you and I get to check out Heather’s house. Heather is an artist and a happy happy person and the owner of Norman, the biggest dog in the neighborhood (or possibly the state). Her house is full of her artwork and other interesting stuff and her personality shines through everywhere you look.


Old family photos and letters are the foundation of Heather’s artwork.

IMG_4483 IMG_4484 IMG_4485

This is a tribute to Heather’s grandmother – her photo is superimposed over a letter she wrote, and doors open to reveal little bits about her life – this one shows her passion for sewing. Amazing piece!

IMG_4466  IMG_4460IMG_4498 IMG_4501

Heather also made this glass topped table for her kitchen. She changes the decorations inside with the seasons. Here it is decked out for fall with leaves and pine cones.

There’s also a lot of other fun and interesting stuff – like this chandelier in the dining room:

IMG_4480Bottles here…

IMG_4481Corks here!


This lamp is made out of salt (perhaps to scare off those glowing spiders)?

IMG_4475 IMG_4473

Vase from recycled magazines. The amount of patience that must have been required to construct this is mind-boggling!


Love all these unique accessories – the heavy clear and blue glass pieces in the foreground of the last photo are insulators from old telephone poles! Heather puts tea lights under them. I had so much trouble/fun photographing the little silver table because her dog thought me being down on the floor meant that I wanted to play. My first attempt to take a picture of it turned out like this:


And then after all that, I forgot to take a picture of him. But take my word for it, he is cute!

Thanks for letting us visit, Heather and Norman!

**All the fun and interesting handmade stuff above is a great reminder that tomorrow, November 30, is Small Business Saturday! Please support a small business tomorrow. If you don’t feel like going out to shop (or eat), remember that everyone selling on Etsy.com is a small business who would love your support. Let me know if you see any great Design Finds while shopping on Small Business Saturday!**


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