Let’s Go Visiting: Lucy

When Lucy and I met, we were working down the hall from each other at the Denver Design Center. Now we’re both back on the East Coast, and Lucy has put her talents as a painter and an interior designer to work in Norfolk, Virginia. She loves to remodel as much as I do, and her house is beautiful! She also has some creative ideas to make the most of every space.

Come on in!


This bar tucked under the stairs is an amazing way to use the space!



This mirror makes the seating area across from the kitchen seem so much bigger:




Lucy’s own artwork adds color and texture over the mantel:


Great lighting – oversized lantern over dining table and unique lamps on sideboard:



The two-level coffee table provides extra storage, while a range of seating options make this large open room seem really cozy.


The rugs and lamp in the kitchen make it a comfortably elegant space, while the red stool adds fun color.


Thanks for letting us visit, Lucy!

Lucy Williams Interior Design – http://lucywilliamsinteriordesign.blogspot.com/



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