The Way My Mind Works

The first time I saw the TV show Scandal, I could barely focus on the plot because I was so in love with the conference table in Olivia Pope’s office. I ignored the dialogue and looked past the characters so I could get a better look at the table. When I mention the table to other people who are fans of the show, they stare at me blankly. What table?

In London over the holidays, I took a million pictures and I had to laugh when I realized that other people were taking pictures of the items on display at the museums, and I was taking pictures of the floors and doorknobs. I even walked into a travel agency to take pictures of their waiting room chairs that I had noticed through the window. Thankfully no one seemed to care – maybe it happens all the time? I guess interiors and architecture are everything to me – I notice the interesting detailsĀ  before I notice the people.

So here’s a quick look at my trip as seen through the Alexandra filter:


The chairs in the travel agency – I loved their oversized, Windsor chair inspired look.


This is the amazingly beautiful mosaic floor at the Museum of Childhood. After I took the photo, I learned this enormous floor was installed by female prisoners in the 1870’s (before the building was a Children’s Museum)! I think there was at least 4,000 square feet of it.


Worn wood plank floors upstairs at the same museum:


These are the awesome striped stairs at my stepmother’s house – they made walking up to our bedroom on the third floor a lot of fun.


Doorknob at the British Museum:


At a Paddington Station restaurant – loved the orange color and visual lightness of these chairs:



Vintage Hovis bread tins holding utensils at a fish and chip stand:


House number:


Shiny blue door with bright brass hardware – and a mail slot – love those!


Mosaics on the tube – Tottenham Court Road Station:



Here are the floors at a very fun place – check back next week and I’ll tell you all about it!




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