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I realized the other day that I had promised to share all the fun little details from our kitchen remodel but I have been remiss in doing so. My apologies!

Today let me share my touch faucet – the Brizo Vuelo in Stainless Steel finish. I chose this faucet because it met all my requirements – plus it looks like a swan! I love swans – even though I hear that they are mean birds.

photo-1 (18)

I wanted a faucet with a pull-out spray head that pulls down, not out. Sprays that pull down make it much easier to rinse out the sink than those that pull out. It was important to me that the handle be easy to operate – our previous faucet was very confusing to people who were not used to it – the handle mechanism moved in odd directions. This one is much more simple and straightforward.

I also wanted the matching soap pump to feel substantial. I really liked the button on top of this one – much easier to use than the pumps where you have to push the whole top down to get the soap out. This is one of the reasons I highly recommend shopping for faucets at a showroom and not just online. I had done a ton of online research, but as soon as I walked into a showroom, the correct faucet choice was obvious.

When I initially went faucet shopping, it was not my intention to look at touch faucets – mostly because I didn’t have any experience with them. Once I chose this design, my husband and I consulted with our plumber and decided that the upgrade to the touch faucet feature would be worth it. (This design comes with or without.) Why remodel if you’re not going to add some fun new technology?

The touch feature is not only fun (the kids love to demonstrate it for guests!), but useful too. It’s great to quickly and easily turn the water on and off when washing dishes or prepping food just by touching the arc of the faucet or the handle – you can even use your arm or the back of your hand instead of your fingers if you’ve just been touching raw meat or kneading dough or something like that. The touch component is powered by a battery pack which is mounted inside the cabinet below. I was worried that it would run through batteries quickly, but it’s been in use over 4 months and we have not needed to change them yet.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a regular faucet now that I’m used to it!

Purchased From: Ferguson (http://shop.ferguson.com/)


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