Ladder Lighting

I love vintage wooden ladders as decor – they always manage to look great in any style of home – from country to contemporary. They can hang or lean on a wall as art, be used as a bookshelf, a place to hang quilts or towels or Christmas stockings, or even as lighting, like this:





This ladder is suspended from the ceiling, wrapped with globe lights and decorated with vintage chandelier crystals and branches. There are a million variations on this theme – and a ton of places where lighting like this would look amazing – hanging over a long dining table, a headboard, a kitchen island, or a long hallway.


Spotted: Rust and Feathers, Leesburg, VA

7 thoughts on “Ladder Lighting

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    • A ceiling outlet would definitely work best. There may be other options depending on your application. Take some photos and consult someone in the electrical dept. at Home Depot – they may have ideas for you!

  2. Hi!
    I was just wondering where you found a ladder like that?
    Do you make it yourself or was it brought, I’ve been having a hard time to find wooden ladders.

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