A Little More Road Trip

As I mentioned yesterday, Culpeper Virginia had many lovely shops, but it also had two other things I love – a good old fashioned hardware store and a cozy independent coffee shop.

Clarke Hardware was packed from floor to ceiling with hardware, housewares, and gardening supplies. It reminded me of the hardware stores I visited with my dad as a kid – it even smelled the same.





We bought an apple peeler/corer/slicer to replace the one we broke last fall. Every fall we go apple picking with the kids and make homemade applesauce, some of which we freeze to use at Thanksgiving. Last year we waited too long and there were no apples left to pick and the orchard was closed. So the kids “picked” them at Eastern Market in downtown Washington DC. And then I broke the peeler/corer/slicer by tightening it too much on our new marble countertop. At first I thought the noise was the countertop cracking! So last year was a little bit of a disaster. Hopefully this year will be better with our new vacuum base peeler!

photo-1 (24)

Next to the hardware store was Raven’s Nest Coffee House. It had a lovely interior with wood floors, exposed brick walls, and a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee bar.




It also had good coffee!


I loved these vintage mailboxes on the wall. I noticed they had papers in them and thought for a moment that they were actually still in use. I love the idea of having a mailbox inside a small town coffee shop! Then I walked around the wall and discovered it was actually being used for brochures and event notices.


And speaking of mail, I also spotted this wonderful old mail sorting desk across the street at a combination vintage furniture/candy shop called My Secret Stash (which also had really fun candy including chocolate covered malt balls in amazing flavors like mint and pumpkin). Based on the city names, I think it may have come from New Jersey.




Next stop, Charlottesville!



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