Ebay to the Rescue

When we moved into our house, one of the first things I changed was the ceiling fans. Due to the limitations of the HVAC system in this house, ceiling fans are a necessary thing here. However, the ones that were here when we moved in were a Victorian style, which made no sense in our contemporary home. Thankfully, I happened upon The Modern Fan Company, and found this for our master bedroom:

photo-1 (21)

It even has a fun remote control as well as a wall control. I can turn the lights off from bed! We liked this fan so much we also installed one in our 2 story front foyer.

Fast forward a few years, and all of I sudden I discover that the incandescent 100 watt light bulbs this fixture requires are now no longer made. (Somehow I completely missed hearing about this before it happened.) We looked everywhere, hoping to find a store that had some left. We tried every alternative we could find, but compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs didn’t work because of the dimmer in the light. We tried many LED bulbs, all of which are expensive, but none lit up the room the way¬† the incandescent ones did – they either shone down rather than in all directions, or they just weren’t bright enough. One even gave the room a blue cast that was seriously depressing. We looked for 100 watt light incandescent bulbs while we were in England, but discovered they were not compatible. Then yesterday I thought, “Ebay! Someone must be hoarding 100 watt bulbs and selling them on Ebay!” And I was right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. Now a big box of bulbs is on its way to my house. Let’s hope I bought enough to last a lifetime!

Halo Fan: www.modernfan.com (According to my research, this fan is now made with a Halogen light.)

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