Reader Design Find!

Did you find a Flea Market this weekend? I was able to get to two – I’ll share what I saw later this week.

A reader in Georgia sent me pictures of some great modern birdhouses she saw at a market this weekend. Love them!

photo-1 (26) photo 1 (12) photo 2 (15)

I love birdhouses. We have a friendly birdhouse competition here at our house every year. We have a wooded back yard, and each member of the family has a birdhouse on one of the trees. My husband and kids have wooden ones they handpainted, and mine is a bird bottle from Colonial Williamsburg. Each spring we see if one of us is lucky enough to have our house host a bird family. While we do have a lot of birds come check them out, only my youngest daughter has had occupants who hatched and raised their baby birds in her house. My husband happened to be drinking his coffee on the back porch early one morning and saw the mama bird push each of the babies out for their first flight – an amazing sight! Perhaps we’d have more occupants if we had cool modern bird houses like the ones above!

Churp Modern Birdhomes:

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