By the Book

I’m the child of a professor and a writer. The house I grew up in was filled with books. Every family vacation always included a stop at the local bookstore – The Strand in New York, Powell’s in Oregon, The Tattered Cover in Denver, Politics and Prose in Washington DC. Books were collected, given as gifts, revered and cherished. One of the possessions I hold most dear is a dictionary given to me by my late father when I was in high school.  What could be better to remember him by than the loving inscription he wrote? Written in a card, it likely would have been quickly forgotten. Written inside a book, it will always be held dear.

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So the idea that beautiful homes do not contain books bugs me just a bit. Houses in home design magazines never seem to have many books – real books, that is, not matching sets of leather bound books. The only books you usually see in magazine spreads are carefully displayed – always just a few, stacked by size and color and most likely never read. Bookshelves usually contain objects for display and not books. Sometimes a coffee table book will appear here and there.

But I say – books are beautiful – show them off! Let the world know you’re a reader. The books you choose to fill your home with will tell your guests volumes about you. (Sorry, I could not resist!)

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