Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

Hello! Here’s a fun new creation by my friends over at Concepts Created, who built my beautiful dining table. I have always loved apothecary cabinets with all their wonderful little drawers. This one, built of reclaimed wood with dozens of different knobs is so much fun. This was actually built for a shop that sells knobs, but I think it would be an amazing accent piece in a home.

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Photo Credit: The Green Bureau at Black Dog Salvage, Roanoke, VA

Source: ConceptsCreated.com

Alexandra and Julia

On a recent visit to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, I spent a long time peering into the windows of Julia Child’s kitchen. (Julia’s kitchen has been moved in its entirety to the museum – down to every last measuring spoon. You can’t walk in, but there are lots of windows to look through into Julia’s world.) I was fascinated – not so much by the kitchen, but by my reaction to it. I loved it. But why? If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s clutter. My ideal kitchen has no wall cabinets, nothing on the countertops – it looks clean and sparkly and open. Julia’s kitchen is the opposite – there is stuff everywhere. To her credit, I wouldn’t call it clutter – there are no piles of mail or dirty dishes. It’s actually pretty well organized, but almost every surface is covered with cooking tools. I can’t begin to imagine what’s inside the cabinets – what should be the contents seem to be everywhere. No space is left untouched – there’s even framed artwork hung on the cabinet doors. So when it was so far from anything I could live with, why did I love it so much?  I do love a retro kitchen – was that it? Upon further reflection, I think it might be because it was an honest space – one that reflects Julia. It is who she is, no apologies. When you see a sleek, shiny, empty kitchen in a magazine, what does it tell you about the owner? Not much. Julia’s kitchen tells you everything about her. Bravo, Julia.

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Insta Real Life

I’ve been following Bungalow on Instagram for a while, and I was so excited when I realized they were in Scottsdale and I was going to be there too. A visit was definitely in order. Bungalow is a lovely (and huge!) shop that sells so many beautiful things for the home and even some clothes. They describe their style as “rustic modernism” – I’d describe it as comfy sexy modern farmhouse glam.  Here are a few of the fun things I saw:


Loved this chair! The combination of the thin brass frame and the fluffy sheepskin made this my favorite item. I really, really want it for my bedroom.

There were other great chairs, too – these had great contrasting fabric backs, turning simple into stunning:



This bookshelf was amazing – part sculpture, part storage:


A basket of cow skulls, just to remind you that you’re in the West:


But even so, a Union Jack looks great anywhere:


And more great pillows:



Loved this large leaf…


And these upholstered benches…



Thanks for introducing us, Instagram!

Bungalow, www.bungalowfurniture.com, Instagram: @bungalowaz