How Hipsters Sleep

Check out this bedding I spotted at Nordstrom’s Home department last night:

photo 2 (26)

From a distance, I first only noticed the pretty colors. Upon closer inspection, I saw so many fun things hidden in this classic damask pattern – Vespas, glasses, to-go coffee cups, French Bulldogs, iPods with earbuds…

photo 1 (23)

Love it!

Nordstrom “Urban Holiday” Damask Print Duvet.



I love succulents – they look beautiful anywhere. In Arizona, they were everywhere. I spotted them in every kind of container, and they always looked fantastic – even in a sponge:


Or in a galvanized planter:

photo 4 (8)

Or a wooden box:

photo 3 (11)

In a basket:


Next to a turtle shell:


Or spilling out all over a vintage stool:

photo 2 (25)









Some were real living plants and some were fakes – can you tell the difference?

photo-4 (5)

Upon my return home, I spotted some beautiful (real) ones at a grocery store. So obviously you don’t have to travel far to get this beautiful look.

Spotted at:

Bungalow, Scottsdale, AZ

Tierra Del Lagarto, Scottsdale, AZ

Flower Child, Phoenix, AZ

La Grande Orange, Phoenix, AZ

Wegman’s, Virginia


Reader Design Find!

I love it when readers send me their Design Finds! Inspired by my last post, a reader sent me a pic of this fabulous table she spotted in a Washington, DC restaurant.

photo 1 (22)

I love the colorful legs that look more like sculpture than structure. And what’s not to love about that super thick clear lucite top? Thanks for sharing, L!

Brunch Design Find

Sometimes I spy something great but I  have to be sneaky about taking pictures of it because sometimes it happens while I’m at a brunch with 20 other people and I don’t really know all of them and have to consider that they might think I’m a little odd for taking pictures of the placemats.

But last weekend I saw these really great placemats:

photo 4 (7)

The loosely woven rope seemed to hold together without glue. I wished I could have picked them up to figure out how they were made, but people don’t seem to do that in restaurants. Bummer. A Google search once I got home revealed that Sur La Table sells something very similar, so perhaps I won’t have to figure out how to make them myself.

photo 1 (21)

I love the way they add contrast and interest to the table setting while letting the table’s beautiful sheen show through.

photo 2 (24)

Sometimes the dishes are really interesting too and you have to be extra sneaky about turning them over to see what they are. It turns out that these are from a British company called Dudson. This is their Evolution line – it’s made for restaurants but also seems to be available on Amazon. I loved the texture of the glaze and the lovely shape of the little creamer.

photo 3 (10)

I thought the shiny red salt and pepper grinders were also a great colorful addition to all the natural tones on the table. A little color makes a big difference.


I’ll be back soon with more Design Finds – I have so much to share!