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A quick post to wish you, dear reader, a happy holiday – whichever winter holiday you celebrate! As my gift to you, I give you a great last minute gift idea. I just ordered a gift for my littlest niece and nephew from Amazon, and it is being delivered on Sunday (!) so there is certainly still time to order. I’m sure you are very organized and have all your gifts ready, but just in case…

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Turkish towels! A fantastic replacement for the standard terrycloth towels you have always known. Turkish towels (not to be confused with Turkish cotton terry towels) are thin, soft, absorbent and beautiful. They are also wonderful to travel with, either on vacation or just to the pool. Our family takes an annual trip that involves us bringing all our own shower  towels and swim towels and bed linens with us. (I know that doesn’t actually sound like a fun trip, but despite all the laundry upon our return, we always have a great time.) However, fitting all the stuff we need (as well as the kids and the dogs) in the car is a bit of a struggle. When I discovered how little room Turkish towels take up, I was sold and bought 8 of them in short order. A stack of Turkish towels is maybe 20% of the size of a stack of terry towels. Plus they look so much prettier hanging all over the cabin. And they dry faster. And they can double as a sarong or a blanket or a tablecloth in a pinch. My pool bag is so much lighter and less bulky with these in it. They get softer with every wash. Each family member has their own color – white striped towels are for showers, colored stripes are for swimming. It’s a great system for us and would certainly make a great gift for the swimmer, beachgoer or showerer in your life.

Cacala Turkish Towels – from

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