I saw a really fun pair of chairs at the Farmer’s Market last weekend. Rather than pay to have a worn out cane seat redone, make your own with belts! A fresh coat of paint and a colorful mix of belts makes for a great accent chair. This would be wonderful in a dressing room, or you could even make a whole dining set – although I’m guessing that would require some thrift shop stops for extra belts! Now I know what do do with all those seatless old chairs I’ve seen at the flea market.

photo 1 (19)

photo 2 (22)

photo 3 (9)

These chairs made by Was Paper.

Chair-izona Part 2: Midcentury Heaven

If I ever win the lottery, I am headed straight to Red Modern in Phoenix, Arizona to outfit my dream house with some of their amazingly beautiful and pristine vintage Midcentury furniture finds.

They had some rare pieces like this Saarinen Womb Settee and a pair of Wegner Papa Bear Chairs. I’d never had the chance to sit in either of these before, so that was pretty exciting for a chair nerd like me.




Even the sign outside was fabulous:


As was the staircase inside:


I was like a kid in a candy store – there was so much to see!


I’m still dreaming about these orange chairs. They were beautiful from every angle.



Which is better – the back of this chair – or the front?











What catches your eye? I’d love to know – comment or send me a message on the Contact page!

More Arizona Design Finds to come…stay tuned!




Instagram Roundup

Are you following @AlexandraDesignFinds on Instagram? If not, here’s a bit of what you’ve missed:

Giant chandeliers…


Pink vintage clocks…


Funky side tables…


Midcentury flea market finds…


Vintage Bicentennial fun…


Repurposed license plates…


Over-the-top architectural detail…


Cool counter-weighted table lamps…


Eye catching accent chairs…


Colorful retro turntables…


An enormous stash of blue mason jars spotted in Tennessee…


Tiled doorways…


The occasional rhino…


And me playing tourist close to home at Mount Vernon…




Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the house, but this photo is the inside of George Washington’s 16 sided barn. Isn’t it stunning?

Spotted at: Giant chandelier, Restoration Hardware. Pink clock, Galleria, Culpeper, VA. Side table, HomeGoods. Midcentury vignette, DC Big Flea. Bicentennial can and license plates, Made, Staunton, VA. The ornamented doorway is a bank located in Staunton, VA, and the tiled doorway was another building located nearby. Table Lamp, Arhaus. Chair, Z Gallerie. Record players, Urban Outfitters. Rhinos, West Elm. Last 3 photos, Mount Vernon.



DC Mix

Not all the cool stuff in Washington DC is inside the Smithsonian – sometimes it’s right outside. I spotted this great mix of Emeco chairs outside the National Museum of American History last week. It’s a mix of the classic and indestructible Navy 1006 chair in aluminum (originally made for the US Navy in 1944), and the Navy 111 chair in red and flint grey. The Navy 111 chair is so named because it’s made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles. All are American made and historically important – the perfect chairs to grace the outside of this particular museum!

photo-1 (34)

A Week of Design Finds: Handcrafted Beauty

There’s nothing better than something beautifully handmade. I spotted this table at an art festival this weekend and made a beeline right to it – gorgeous!

photo-1 (31)

My pictures cannot do it justice – it was beyond beautiful in person. The side detail looks like ribbons of wood that are draped rather than carved.

photo-2 (10)

I checked out the artist’s website – the matching bed is amazing too.


We interrupt this week of Design Finds because this just arrived at my door:

photo 1 (16)

That is a serious stack of paper – the 2014 Restoration Hardware source books. Apparently RH is moving to a model where they only do one mailing a year  – sort of like IKEA. Except this is thirteen catalogs, not one. (Which is funny considering that IKEA is a way bigger store than any RH I’ve ever been to.) It’s actually not even a mailing – this stack was so heavy it arrived by UPS!

In any case, it looks like I have some reading to do. Back tomorrow with more Design Finds!

On second thought, since we’re loving on Restoration Hardware, I’ll show you my favorite RH purchase so you won’t be completely without Design Finds today – our ship’s light:

photo-1 (32)

I think they actually call it the Royal Master Sealight. Regardless, it looks awesome in our living room.

A Week of Design Finds: More Lucite Love

I was totally smitten with this vintage wall unit – what’s not to love about lucite and white lacquer?



If James Bond (in his Sean Connery incarnation) were to stop by, you would be totally set, because this mirrored flip down bar cabinet is the ideal place to pour him a drink.




Spotted at: Modern Mobler, Kensington, MD,


Not Just for Travel

There’s something wonderful about a vintage suitcase. I spotted this great stack of them last week:

photo 1 (15)

There’s a ton of fun things you can do with them – a stack of them makes a great nightstand or a side table next to a sofa and also provides great storage. Just one suitcase can also serve as a little table, too – just add legs! (A piece of plywood concealed inside the suitcase adds stability and provides an anchor to drill into to attach legs.) Legs are easy to come by on websites like – I think their McCobb or Wegner legs with metal tips would look amazing in this application.

Or you could turn a vintage suitcase into a shelf!

photo 2 (18)

Just saw in half (ever so carefully – tape area to be cut with blue tape to avoid marring it!) and slip over wall brackets from the hardware store to hang. To give it more stability, add a wood shelf on top of the brackets and secure suitcase over it with a few small nails.

Spotted at:

Stack of suitcases: DC Big Flea

Shelves: Sage Style, Kensington MD


My love of chairs is well documented on this blog! Here are a few more fun ones I’ve spotted recently:

photo 3 (8)

This is quite possibly the coolest vinyl chair I’ve ever seen!

photo 2 (17)

Some fun color for the patio this summer. Would you mix and match or go with all one color?

photo 4 (6)

Although I think I’d change the upholstery to something more eye-catching, I love the lines on this vintage midcentury piece.

photo 5

While we’re talking upholstery, I love the bird detail on this one!

photo-1 (30)

Here’s another fantastic made-over chair – neon paint paired with simple but lovely linen upholstery, making a classic shape look wonderfully modern.

photo 1 (14)

And speaking of modern, I’m loving this square barstool with the red seat pad and the super thin frame. It catches your attention without being visually heavy.

Spotted at:

Vinyl Chair, Bird Chair: Sage Style, Kensington, MD

Midcentury Chair: Modern Mobler, Kensington, MD

Metal Outdoor Chairs: World Market

Neon Chair: Yves Delorme, Charlottesville, VA

Steelcase Barstool: Staunton Antiques Center, Staunton, VA


On our Spring Break road trip, we spent one beautiful morning in Knoxville, Tennessee – a lovely little city. I found a great little shop on Market Square called Bliss Home. There was so much to see in every inch of the shop – all of it fun and also well priced.



I am a huge fan of the mismatched throw pillows trend. A wild mix like this one is wonderful.







This huge chalkboard with the architectural black frame was amazing. Whimsical and sophisticated all at the same time. It was a little big to fit in the car with all our road trip gear, so I bought this fabulous orange Moroccan patterned mug instead:

photo-1 (27)

I’m almost positive that my coffee tastes better in it.

Outside the shop, there were some other fun Design Finds:


Building numbers in tile.


A dismantled radiator becomes railing supports.


Orange Panton chairs brighten up an outdoor restaurant patio.


And then there’s this crazy thing – the giant Sunsphere, built here for the 1982 World’s Fair. The sphere itself  is 75 feet across, but unfortunately it was closed when we were there, so we didn’t get to go up into it. I was dying to look out through the gold glass -it’s layered in 24 karat gold dust! The world must look pretty glam from there.