How Hipsters Sleep

Check out this bedding I spotted at Nordstrom’s Home department last night:

photo 2 (26)

From a distance, I first only noticed the pretty colors. Upon closer inspection, I saw so many fun things hidden in this classic damask pattern – Vespas, glasses, to-go coffee cups, French Bulldogs, iPods with earbuds…

photo 1 (23)

Love it!

Nordstrom “Urban Holiday” Damask Print Duvet.


Enough is Enough

I love winter. I enjoy it. This winter has been really cold and really snowy and LONG. I didn’t mind it at all until about a week ago when we got a peek at springtime and then it snowed the next day. That was just too much. My kids have had eleven snow days off from school. Eleven! I’ve never seen anything like it – especially south of the Mason-Dixon line. All the roads are full of potholes and I have no idea when I’ll see a daffodil or a cherry blossom.

So I’m declaring it spring whether winter likes it or not. In little ways, at least.

Maybe if I add some spring color to the house, spring will come.

So out goes the cozy grey winter bedding…

photo 1 (10)

…and in comes this great new tangerine quilt. It was a bargain, too, which makes me love it even more. It’s made by Tommy Bahama and I found it at Home Goods for $60. I’m going to pair it with bright white sheets and some throw pillows that I have yet to find!

photo 2 (14)

I was inspired to go with this color after seeing these vases at West Elm last week. (I would have bought them but there’s nowhere in my bedroom to put a vase!)


Maybe Mother Nature will see what I’m up to and follow suit!