A Week of Design Finds: Functional Fun

When a functional object is also nice to look at, it’s a beautiful thing. When it’s silly and it makes you smile, that’s even better.


We bought this for my daughter last weekend. She’s ten and excited about learning to cook, but the oven is a little bit scary because, well,  it’s hot. This handy tool helps pull out the oven rack and also push it back in, making her feel more confident about doing it on her own. She named him Bob. They made chicken nuggets together the other day and it went great!

photo-1 (33)

I love this tool not only because it gives my daughter independence, but also because it’s handmade in the USA of cherry wood. We found it at a local art festival, and I think I would have bought several more of their wide variety of gorgeous and smart kitchen tools if we hadn’t been in a hurry. They had lovely wooden tongs that folded flat for storage and flipped open for use  and toast tongs with a magnet in them so you can keep them right there on the toaster. (Another great tool for kids.)  There were also ingenious wooden spoons designed with a special notch so they rest right on the edge of the cooking pot – in both right and left handed versions.  Awesome gift idea! (Especially if that gift is for yourself!)

Jonathan’s Spoons, www.woodspoon.com