A Bit of a Confession

I may have mentioned how we are sort of neat freaks around here. We have our messy moments, of course, but generally things are pretty tidy at our house. Things look better that way. And then a while back, I read an interview with a famous architect (possibly Robert A. M. Stern, but for the life of me I cannot recall exactly where I read it and who in fact the architect was)  in which he was asked what the average homeowner can do to make their home more beautiful.

His advice? “Get the windows cleaned.”

I was immediately shamed. I had been a homeowner for 15 years (of various homes), but never once had I gotten the windows cleaned. And I was considered the biggest neat freak of all my friends! As soon as I read that, I really noticed how dirty the windows were. How had I missed it?

And so I got the windows cleaned. He was right! Every single room looked amazing. It was a transformation – without changing a thing. Every room looked cleaner, brighter, more beautiful. Call me converted.

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